Parents' Guide

This Android game is a smartphone adaptation of the classic children’s activity “Simon Says“, not the actual Simon toy that was released in 1978. In this game, children must carefully watch or listen for commands and follow them only if they start with “Simon Says”. Unlike the original “Simon Says” activity, which involves bodily commands like touching one’s toes or raising one’s left hand, commands in this game typically involve tapping or swiping the screen (since this is a smartphone rendition of the activity) and children are challenged to see how long they can last against the smartphone game before making a mistake. This game is recommended for ages 6 and up.

This game allows children to:

  • Improve their reaction time by quickly responding to genuine commands.

  • Exercise motor and tactile feedback skills, while becoming more acquainted with smartphone touch gestures, namely tapping or swiping.

  • Improve their ability to pay attention and distinguish between what is real and what is fake by avoiding fake commands that don’t start with “Simon Says…”.

  • Use math and money-spending skills to purchase power-ups and upgrades with earned in-game currency.

ESRB Rating Summary (unofficial)

This is an arcade game where players respond to commands to perform mobile gestures, following ones that start with "Simon Says", while avoiding the ones that do not. Players must avoid making mistakes to continue playing, scoring points for correct moves, and are also able to use power-ups and special abilities from unlockable backgrounds to achieve higher scores. The flavor text of one unlockable background, called "Katana Training", tells about "spilling some juice" and correct "swipe" moves on it are indicated with sword-slashing noises. A menu screen features a still image of two cowboys readying pistols for a duel.