Q: What's the idea behind making this game?

A: We want to start out as a company that seeks to make Android games that we think no one has ever made before on the Google Play Store. A quick search of "Simon Says" on the Store reveals lots of apps that basically mimic the SIMON toy, instead of being about the actual children's activity. Most of them are unauthorized, of course, because they infringe on the toy's trademark and would therefore have to be taken down. We plan to make a game that reflects what Simon Says truly is and give everyone an opportunity to see how it can be translated into a smartphone game. Given that we've always wanted to make an endless, free-to-play arcade game, this was a huge opportunity for us.

Q: When did this game first come out?

A: We first released this game on July 11, 2016. We always hold a sale on all in-app purchases from July 11 to July 31 every year onward to celebrate its release.

Q: Why didn't this game get so many downloads?

A: Quite frankly, we're a small studio and we don't have the funds or resources to make this game a viral hit. We hoped that it would take off like dotGEARS' Flappy Bird, but sadly, no one thought of this game as the next Flappy Bird, as we did.


Q: Is this game really free?

A: Absolutely - this game is indeed free-to-play in that you can download it now and play for free right away. But if you're worried about in-app purchases, don't be. While we may sell things in-game for real money that you can buy to spice up the experience (and they can be of great help to progressing through the game), we try our best to make sure that doesn't get in the way of having fun. We try to make ways to earn stuff for free instead of paying for it.

Q: Why isn't there an iOS version?

A: We have a beef with the cost of making an iOS version. Not only does one have to pay an annual fee of $99 to publish and keep apps on the App Store, but one must also purchase Apple products to develop and test such apps. We just don't have the money to bring an iOS version any time soon. Sorry.

Q: What do I need to run the game?

A: You're good to go if you have an Android device with an operating system version of 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or newer. But we recommend that you play on newer OS versions to avoid problems.

Q: In what countries is this game available to download in?

A: At this time, this game is only available in any English-speaking country. It's not that we're prejudiced against countries that don't speak English, it's just that we lack resources and manpower for localizing a game. Sorry about that.

Q: What's with the ESRB's "Violent References" rating descriptor?

A: That refers to at least two violent references that we put in some of our menus. One multiplayer mode screen shows a still image of two cowboys preparing for a gun duel. An unlockable background is described to be a place where someone practices sword fighting, and talks of "[spilling] some juice", which might sound unpleasant. Other than that, there's nothing age-inappropriate that you should be worrying about.


Q: Why can't I pause the game?

A: Due to technical limitations and the way the game is coded, it's not possible to pause the game at this time.

Q: I can't use power-ups, how do I enable them?

A: Remember, Power-Ups and background abilities only work when the game is set to Normal difficulty or higher. Adjust the difficulty in the Options screen.

Q: How do I pinch or stretch the screen?

A: Those two actions are two-finger gestures. To pinch the screen, place two fingers on it and slide them towards each other like how a crab would close its pincers. To stretch the screen, slide those fingers apart from each other.

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